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Make the Most of Your Life!

What are people saying?

"Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It applies to just about every emotional and physical issue you can name and it often works where nothing else will." -- Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

Testimonies abound on EFT because people are delighted when their emotional burdens and old thought patterns are dissolved. New possibilities open up and they feel hope again.  Here are some testimonies for you to enjoy:

Read over the testimonies and come back another time. We'll update these with new ones as they come available.

RN Applies EFT to Pain for Sickle Cell Anemia & Crohns Disease

Even though these patients were "maxed out on morphine" they were still in pain. This article, written by a registered nurse, tells how she used EFT to give them relief. Click on the photo for full testimony.

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Man is Freed From 15-year Phobia and Writes Quackwatch a Letter

In this respectful letter to Quackwatch, Paul Gray describes how EFT help him with his panic attack. In this article, Paul says, "Within a day it was as if all the power of the attacks had gone and my general anxiety was at a zero." Click on the photo for full testimony.

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Urologist Helps Woman with Physical Ailments and Prescription Drugs

Eric Robins, MD, a urologist in Southern California, has been a consistent EFT user for many years. He shares an experience with a client wherein, after a total of 15 minutes of EFT, many physical ailments subsided and various drug usages were substantially curtailed or eliminated. As Dr. Robins says in his article, "....NOT BAD RESULTS FOR SPENDING A TOTAL OF 15 MINUTES IN A BUSY CLINIC!!!" Click on the photo for full testimony.

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EFT Helps Woman Overcome Blocks to Become Better Horse Rider

This practitioner from the UK says, "... EFT can be so amazingly and instantly effective that it seems like a miracle. ... Once EFT had removed the block to learning, she still had to learn technique." Now that the woman was free from the fear that kept her from riding, she was free and willing to learn how to perfect her riding skills. Click on the photo for full testimony.

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Sports Injury Consultant Sees Dramatic Results with Top University Athletes

Roseanna Ellis works with university athletes at Monmouth University and has a contract with the university "to provide therapy for those who can't get better through regular physical therapy or athletic training treatments." This article gives a glimpse of the athletes she works with one day and how well they respond to EFT. Click on the photo for full testimony.

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