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Make the Most of Your Life!

The effectiveness of EFT has been proven on people dealing with a WIDE VARIETY of fears, serious diseases, personal performance issues and everyday frustrations. Some of these were listed on the page entitled, What is EFT? If you missed that page, I encourage you to see this impressive list for yourself.

"Letting go of the emotions that trap you,

painful memories, fears, depression, or anger,

is the way to a longer and healthier life."

-Deepak Chopra, M.D.

What are the Benefits of a Session?

People are able to effectively use EFT at home or as they go about their day -- whenever the need comes up. Here are some reasons you might consider using a practitioner:

- Blind Spots: Many issues can be cleared on your own, but sometimes we have blind spots. Sherri uses techniques to pick up on these blind spots and helps you address them. Oftentimes, itís these same areas that keep us in our limiting circumstances.

- We Limit Ourselves: We are so familiar with the tapes we hear within our own heads that we are unaware of how things could be different. We can miss important connections, too. Many of Sherri's clients, say, "I never saw it that way before!"

- We Are Too Easy On Ourselves: Lots of issues can easily be cleared with EFT in a round or two. Sometimes there are deeper issues that require more time, patience and multiple sessions. With encouragement and gentleness, Sherri helps you with an issue so that it truly becomes a non-issue.

- Some Issues Are More Involved: Some issues are more complicated and may take some time to unravel. Being objective to your situations, a practitioner can keep you on track and efficiently work with an issue until you find relief.

- Receive Up-To-Date Training: Because education is important to Sherri, she is constantly learning new ways to apply EFT to help others and then, when it is appropriate, she applies this new knowledge to her clients.

- Learn EFT For Your Personal Use: Some people can learn from the manual and others enjoy the personal instruction and feedback. In one session, you've learned the basic steps of EFT and you can leave the appointment and begin applying them to situations that come up.

List of Services

These services available are:

While you can expect substantial relief of symptoms with your first EFT session, we advise you to be cautious with your health. Do not discontinue or alter the medications you may be taking without your physician's consent.

For more information on how Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you, your organization or business, contact:

Experience Breakthrough

Phone: 832-640-2997


Houston, TX  77066

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