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How Can You Have a Phone Session?

Most people think of having sessions face-to-face in an office. But EFT practitioners and their clients are finding that phone sessions can be just as effective.

Here are some common questions about Phone Sessions:

What are the Benefits?
  • Phone sessions are convenient. You have the flexibility of scheduling an appointment so you can call from the office or from the comfort of your home.
  • Phone sessions save money. The cost of a phone session is the same as an in-person appointment, but you don't have to drive to the office or take off from work.
  • Phone sessions are very efficient. Let's say a client wants to overcome her fear of doctor visits. She knows she has a dentist appointment so she schedules an EFT phone session prior to her seeing the dentist. With her cell phone, she can address her fear while it is most problematic. We can talk before she leaves home, while she's on the way, and even at the doctor's office. EFT has beautifully dissolved fears like this for hundreds of people.

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How Do They Work?

Prior to a Session:

By meeting in person for the initial visit, most of these requirements are out of the way. But just to cover them, here they are:

  • The client needs to sign the necessary paperwork.
  • Phone sessions are scheduled by appointment.
  • They are pre-paid with a credit card or PayPal.
  • The client should be familiar with the meridian points on the body. (See Tapping Points)
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When Can I Schedule a Phone Session?

After you've had your initial visit in person, you can schedule a phone session from the following options:

Appointment Times

Type: Initial Visits, One-hour Office or Phone Session

Available Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Available Times: 9:30 AM - 3 PM (Central Standard Time)

Price: $90 per hour (Initial visits are $120)

Wednesday Phone Session

Type: One-hour Phone Session

Available Day: Wednesday

Available Times: 1 PM - 3 PM (Central Standard Time)

Price: $90 per hour

Note: Phone Sessions are pre-paid.

Saturday Session

Type: Initial Visits, One-hour Office or Phone Session

Available Day: Saturday

Available Times: Saturdays are not always an option because of classes and other commitments. If sessions are offered, they are scheduled 9 AM - 12 Noon (Central Standard Time).


Emergency, Holiday or After-Hour Sessions

Type: One-hour Phone Session

Available Days: Friday, Saturday, Holidays, or After Hours

Available Times: By appointment only

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What are the fees?

Rates for phone sessions are the same as face-to-face visits.  The only exceptions would be calls made after hours or during holidays.

Regular fees are billed at $90 per hour.  Holiday and after-hour sessions are $120 per hour.

Phone sessions are pre-paid for each hour.  If you feel your session may go over 60 minutes, you'll need to be prepared by purchasing more than a one-hour block of time.

Money-Saving Options:

There are several options for saving money:

  • Gift Certificates. Great for recognition, congratulations, promotions, and rewards. These are great to give to yourself, too!

  • Classes & Workshops.  Results are still exceptional in a class setting and the fee for several hours of EFT-ing is only a fraction of what it would be for a private session. Find a class to join or host one in your area.

  • Package Rates.  After the first session, you may opt to purchase a package of sessions at a reduced rate. These packages are pre-paid and each one is for a non-emergency 60-minute session. These can be scheduled for a face-to-face session, a telephone session, or a combination of both.

Save 20% off one visit

 (3) One-Hour Sessions - $216

(regular $270)

Save 25% off one visit

(5) One-Hour Sessions - $337

(regular $450)

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