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Personal Sessions

Initial sessions are held in person, but after that, you can choose from these two options: Face-to-face sessions or Phone sessions.

This page includes the following topics:

Face-to-face Consultations:

These are private sessions held at the office.

Initial sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes.

Phone Consultations:

Following the initial session, phone sessions (which are just as effective) can be scheduled. Click here for more information on phone sessions.

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Session Information

Personal sessions are one hour in length unless it is an initial session, then they are scheduled for 90 minutes. They are typically scheduled at the Experience Breakthrough office but appointments may be scheduled for another location if requested. Additional fees may be charged for travel and expenses.

Appointment Times

Type: Initial Visits, One-hour Office or Phone Session

Available Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Available Times: 9:30 AM - 3 PM (Central Standard Time)

Evening Session

Type: Initial Visits or One-hour Office Session

Available Day: Thursday

Available Times: 5 PM - 7 PM (Central Standard Time)

Wednesday Phone Session

Type: One-hour Phone Session

Available Day: Wednesday

Available Times: 1 PM - 3 PM (Central Standard Time)

Note: Phone Sessions are pre-paid.

Saturday Session

Type: Initial Visits, One-hour Office or Phone Session

Available Day: Saturday

Available Times: Saturdays are not always an option because of classes and other commitments. If sessions are offered, they are scheduled 9 AM - 12 Noon (Central Standard Time).

Emergency, Holiday or Off-Hour Session

Type: One-hour Phone Session

Available Days: Friday, Saturday, Holidays, or After Hours

Available Times: By appointment only

Price: $120 per hour

Note: These Phone Sessions are pre-paid.

Money-Saving Options:

There are several options for saving money:

  • Classes & Workshops. Results are still exceptional in a class setting and the fee for several hours of EFT-ing is only a fraction of what it would be for a private session. Find a class to join or host one in your area.

  • Gift Certificates are great for showers, special occasions, thank yous, promotions, and rewards. Also great to give to yourself!

  • Package Rates can save you money. With Package Rates, you can schedule family members or schedule a different type of consultation for yourself. By buying multiple sessions at one time, you can have flexibility in your appointments as you take advantage of the savings.

    Save 20% off one visit

    (3) One-Hour Sessions - $216

    (regular $270)

    Save 25% off one visit

    (5) One-Hour Sessions - $360

    (regular $450)

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