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Make the Most of Your Life!

Whether you are new to the FrontPage program or are a more advanced user, we feel you will find our templates easy to use and modify. We've tried to make all of the instructions easy to follow. All you have to do is delete our content and add your own text and images. Easy!

We recommend you get started by looking over each page and looking at the Navigation View to see how the pages are connected to each other.

While we try to make our templates easy to use, if you have questions or need specific "how-to" information, please check the Help Center of our site. If you do not find your answers there, email us and we'll be happy to help.

Style Sheets and Classes:

Each table cell within this template uses a CSS class to format the information contained within it. Our CSS file is "commented" to help you identify locate and identify specific items. You can also find which class was used by right-clicking in a table cell and selecting Cell Properties. In the window that appears, click on the Style Button. Under "Class" you will see the name of the name of the class we used. In FrontPage 2003, you can easily see which classes and/or IDs are applied to specific areas if you look at the "Quick Tag Selector" bar.

Large First Letter:

You can easily create a "drop-cap" effect by highlighting the first letter and then go to the drop-down style box and apply the "span.dropcap" to the single letter. The font type, size, and color can be modified in the CSS file. You can also apply this style in FP2003 by using the Style Toolbar (View > Toolbars > Style).

Fieldset Areas:

Each of our sidebar boxes is enclosed in a Fieldset tag <fieldset> which creates the box. The title used in the box is enclosed in the Legend tag <legend>. The colors, padding, and font size are controlled within the external CSS file. Please note that you must keep the legend text short as it will not wrap and can distort the width of the table.

Include Pages:

As you edit your include pages, double-check to make sure that FrontPage has not added paragraph tags before and after your changes. If this happens, delete any <P> or </P> which can cause some minor display issues in Firefox.

Your Name Here, Slogan, and Date:

The "Your Name Here" and tag line text can be easily changed by opening the header.htm page located in the include folder. You will change the information once and it will be changed on all of the pages within your site. The date is an easy javascript which automatically places the current date within the header area.

Copyright Information:

The copyright information can be easily changed by opening the copyright.htm page located in the include folder. You will change the information once and it will be changed on all of the pages within your site.

Extra Buttons and Icons:

We offer you a selection of shopping cart and information buttons and icons.