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Make the Most of Your Life!

Group Sessions:

While there are certain advantages to private sessions, group sessions often provide great results with different benefits. In addition, you can save money. For example, a two- hour private session would be $180 whereas a two-hour group session costs much less and often gives similar results.

Group sessions are developed around certain topics such as parenting issues, career development, relationship issues, limiting financial beliefs, or other topics the group may choose. Personal details do not have to be shared. These meetings are not suitable for serious issues.

Coming January 2007:

Breakthrough Weight Issues

A new group is forming just in time for your New Year's resolution to lose weight. The focus of these six weekly sessions is to deal with emotional issues that sabotage weight loss -- it could be just what you need to reach your goals. Once these issues are addressed, you will have the tools to create changes that enable you to maintain a diet and lose weight. You will also have a chance to support (and receive support from) other people facing similar challenges.

Date and Time: This 6-week group session will meet on Tuesdays beginning January 16th. They will run from 7 - 8:30 PM weekly until February 20.

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Ideas for Group Sessions

Sessions can form around any number of topics and in these sessions there are benefits that come with the group dynamics and group effort that are not found in private sessions. Here's just a sample of what kind of people can create a group, but this is by no means a complete list! Creativity and need can create a new group at any time..

  • Parent groups: pregnancy, moving, schooling, confidence
  • Office group: relationships, stress, peak performance
  • Health issues: these could be around specific conditions such as heart disease, breast cancer, or infertility.  Pain management could also be a group -- any support group could turn benefit from an EFT group session
  • Business owners: self-limiting beliefs, developing new habits, fear of failure, breaking into another income level

There are a zillion other groups that could be formed, even under the headings listed above. Maybe these can get your creative juices flowing and you can be instrumental in getting your group organized.

If you have ideas for a group session, or you would like information on either hosting a Group Session or attending one, email Sherri at