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Make the Most of Your Life!

Classes offered:

Sherri Lund enjoys teaching introductory classes on EFT as well as other topics.

The following classes are scheduled:

  • Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss!

January 13, 2007 -- 10:30-Noon

Your goals for this year include losing weight. You've tried it before and you really want it to work this time. Come to this interactive introductory class and learn how you may be self-sabotaging yourself in your weight loss efforts. Discover a technique called EFT that can address the emotions behind weight issues. It works! Once you learn EFT you'll be able to apply it anywhere, anytime. This class is offered at Love 2 Learn in Tomball, Texas in the Klein Grocery Store center. Class size is limited. Contact Sherri for registration. Cost: $19

FYI: A great follow up to this introductory class is the Group Session: Breakthrough Weight Issues.  For more information, Click Here.

  • Small Business Booster

    January 29, 2007 -- 6:45-9:15

    A Leisure Learning Class

    What are the obstacles you face in your business? Are they a result of your call reluctance, your fear of interviews, or a low confidence level? Break through these limitations and experience the freedom to take your business to the next level. Great for home-based and small business owners, this class will teach you techniques that transform limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits that hold you back. A class demonstration will show you how easily this system works.

    Offered through Leisure Learning, this class is being held at their new location. For more details or to register, call 713-529-4414 or visit


Interested in a certain topic?


Contact if you are interested in a certain topic or if you'd like to host a class in your area.

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