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Research Articles on EFT

The following articles have been submitted to express research findings on the effects of EFT. Since this is a young modality, and considered to be in the experimental stages, these articles are fascinating. Not only do they expose the wide variety of areas that EFT works effectively on, they also show that there are levels of our body that stress and emotions affect that we may not feel or sense. Yet through some of today's technology, measures can be made that record the changes that take place as a result of EFT.

Research Study on EFT and Small Animal Phobias

This study was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology and made available by Wiley InterScience. Here is a quote taken from the abstract on the Wiley site: "This study explored whether a meridian-based procedure, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), can reduce specific phobias of small animals under laboratory-controlled conditions. ...These findings suggest that a single treatment session using EFT to reduce specific phobias can produce valid behavioral and subjective effects."

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Live Blood Analysis Photos Show that Emotions Affect Our Body

Here is evidence that our emotions affect our body--in this case, dramatic changes revealed in live-blood analysis. This EFT practitioner provides us with photos that obviously show changes in our emotional states generate instant and dramatic changes in our physical bodies. Actual photos of her analysis are included in this article.

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Statistics show Tumblers Increase Scores by 28% in one year and 45% over five years

Judy Whitcraft, coach and instructor of a tumbling/dance studio for 34 years, used EFT with her tumbling students and compiled statistics evidencing their impressive improvement. She says, "The change was MIRACULOUS!!!... Thank you, EFT!"

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EFT Reduces Anxiety in Dental Patients

Visits to the dentist still cause great anxiety in adults and children, with estimates that 1 in 3 people suffer moderate to severe anxiety when they anticipate a dental treatment. In this article, Dr. Graham Temple, an English dentist, reports that all of the people in this study were scheduled to have a filling, a crown, an extraction or bridgework. Of those that tried EFT for the first time to help with the anxiety, 100% of them said their anxiety was reduced. Read the testimony written by Dr. Temple, who encourages all dentists to add this technique to their practice.

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