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Make the Most of Your Life!

About Sherri:

Sherri Lund is founder and natural health consultant for Bridge to Better Health in Houston, Texas. In working with her clients, she realized she needed to find a way to help with their emotions and limiting beliefs in their personal and professional lives. She feels blessed to have found EFT and has formed Experience Breakthrough as a branch of her original practice. Sherri is very excited about the breakthroughs she and her clients have experienced. She has her Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Child Development and Family Life and is certified in Nutritional Counseling from Trinity College of Natural Health. She is currently working on her doctorate in Naturopathy.

AWord from Sherri:

As I educate people on ways to reclaim or maintain their health, I see firsthand how emotions and thought patterns affect our health, our decisions and our relationships.

The fear of failing, low self-esteem, guilt and shame have tremendous impact on our lives. Emotions like these affect our family life, our stress levels, our ability to concentrate and to get our work done. Research is saying emotions they can create serious symptoms and disease if they are left unresolved. Don't these things ultimately relate to our quality of life -- our income, our level of confidence, and our feelings of success?

We all experience stress and frustration, and on a personal level, EFT has helped me with with these as well as my thought patterns and limiting beliefs. As an individual, a spouse, parent and entrepreneur, I saw areas where I limited myself and I was frustrated that I couldn't seem to move past them.  EFT has helped me overcome some of my obstacles and it  continues to help me as I apply it in other areas.

In my practice, I use EFT to effectively help people experience breakthrough when they are going through a transition, planning a promotion, or wanting to raise their self-esteem. As a mother and homeschooler, I have a soft spot for parents and the issues faced in family life and I'm thrilled to help other parents with this technique. As an entrepreneur, I am delighted to share the method that breaks through limiting thought patterns and habits allowing business owners to transform their company and take it to new places.

There is nothing better than seeing people experience freedom from things that have held them back. The motto of my practice is, "Make the Most of Your Life." With EFT, people dispel fears, anxieties, and other irritations, and then they can step into areas they previously thought were impossible.

I love working with EFT and teaching my clients how to use it. Once they've learned it, they can use it anywhere and even show others how to use it. It is so effective and so simple! The results are rapid and almost always permanent. People world-wide have changed their lives with this technique. What area of your life do you need a breakthrough in? Our slogan is to "Try it on Everything!"

Imagine what your life would be like without the negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back!

Don't put this off. I don't know of a more simple, gentle and effective tool for personal growth!

Learn More!

I invite you to learn more about EFT through either a private session, a group session, or a class. You can also learn by reading the FREE EFT manual (found on or follow this link to order a low cost DVD

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